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Welcome To Twinkle Toes…

Young children do all of their learning through play and socialisation so that’s why we have created Twinkle Toes. Here, all children are welcome and there are age appropriate activities for everyone where they can be with children that are around the same age as them, make new friends and play. Visit our website for more information on what activities and groups we have.

Don’t worry though adults, we’ve got you covered. You won’t be sitting around doing nothing, we have a lovely cafe where you can get a cup of tea, read a magazine or paper and have a chat with some of the other parents.

Make sure you keep an eye on our special events page on our website so you know when the next big event is happening. Also we can host parties for your little ones here, if you let us know what theme you would like such as Peppa Pig, we can make that happen.

Twinkle Town –
Twinkle Town is a new concept of children’s play where we have a miniature town set up within the premises that consists of a hospital, a fire department, a cafe, a police station and more where your children can come, dress up and let their imaginations run wild in their very own personal functioning town.

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63 Sussex Street
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